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Incorporated in 2008, Tri State General Contractors specializes in retail and commercial construction with licenses in CA, AZ, NV, HI, ID, UT, OK, NM and TX. In 2013 Dave Mason, Sr. was named President of Tri State General Contractors and brought over 34 years of construction experience to the company. Mr. Mason’s vast experience in the construction industry is exceptional. In the early 1990's Dave took his experience into the Retail Supermarket business and as Vice President of a prominent retail and commercial contracting firm, he helped grow that firm from a small commercial builder into a significant player in the retail construction industry. With Dave's strong leadership and knowhow he has helped Tri State reach these same milestones. Assisting its retail clients with their most complicated projects is Tri State's specialty. Their ability to pre-plan complicated sequencing and navigate through tough project challenges from pre-planning to close out is a large reason why Tri State's relationships and repeat business are so significant. Tri State's clients are confident that we will successfully perform and complete every project to their satisfaction, "on time" and "on budget".


Tri State General Contractors is a family-owned and operated company.  It employs two of Dave’s nephews, Donald Mason P.E., Vice President and General Superintendent DJ Mason, as well as his son, David Mason, Jr. Project Manager. All have grown up in the industry and have extensive backgrounds in all phases of construction. Tri State is very proud of the talented team they have in place and considers all of their employee's family.


With an impressive list of clients and customers, Tri State has experienced significant growth over the past several years. Tri State has

an extensive portfolio of projects ranging from very complex ground-up projects to simple tenant improvements. Tri State’s umbrella of services includes pre-construction recommendations, conceptual estimating, performs design assistance and gives constructability advice.  In 2016, a “Small Projects Division” was established, and in

May of 2017, the company opened a second location in Northern California in the city of Rocklin, just outside of Sacramento. Most recently, Tri State moved into a new office in San Marcos, CA. The new Southern California Headquarters is completely equipped with efficient offices, a warehouse facility, supply yard and Metal Works Shop. This is the perfect site for Tri State to serve its clients needs and continue to achieve success in the future.



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Our fundamental philosophy is to build solid business relationships and maintain strong ethical values.  We uphold a "can do" attitude and a goal of sustaining "total and complete" satisfaction.  First, we listen to our clients to gain a solid understanding of their project needs and requirements.  Then we provide services and solutions that utilize our highly skilled, knowledgeable and honest professionals to achieve their goals.


Tri State is led by three of the construction industry's most respected and trusted people. Walt Schobel is the company's CEO bringing overall strategy and financial leadership.  Dave Stone started his first company at 18 years old and as Tri State's Secretary he brings a wealth of vision and leadership.  Dave Mason was named the company's President in 2013 and brought over 34 years of construction experience to Tri State. Tri State's field team and operations are led by Don Mason P.E., Vice President and General Superintendent DJ Mason. The Senior Management staff, their employees and their customers can rely upon a combined 100 years of commercial and retail construction experience.



Tri State General Contractors employees are 100 % committed to safety and work according to the safety practices as outlined in our Injury Illness and Prevention Program (IIPP). We do not take this responsibility lightly. We hold all employees and subcontractors to the highest standards. Managers and supervisors are responsible for implementing and maintaining the IIPP in their work areas. A copy of this IIPP is kept on site and supervisors conduct weekly and milestone safety meetings specific to the projects type of work.


Tri State’s Project Superintendent and Safety Compliance Officer are responsible for enforcing these policies through administration of the Safety Program and task specific implementation on his or her project. All subcontractors are equally responsible for implementing and maintaining a safety and health plan to prevent their employees from working in surroundings or working under conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to their safety or health.


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